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After almost two years of work, our first book – The Executive Guide to Breakthrough Project Management – has been published.  We wrote it to give a much better answer to friends and colleagues who asked us “So what is this idea of yours?”.  A question that we couldn’t do justice to in a casual face-face conversation, other than so say “we procure, contract and manage projects using better methods than most projects today use”.  In the 130 page book, we analyse why so many projects have trouble completing on time and on budget, and describe our solution to overcoming the issues.

Our solution is based on a combination of proven project management innovations that are not yet common in the construction and capex project communities. We are not aware of anyone in the world who has combined these innovations in the way we recommend.  We believe that companies who implement our approach will deliver projects much more reliably, with fewer problems, significantly faster, and at much lower cost.

There are three elements to our approach …

  1. Collaborative teams work much better than those where team members have few common interests.  The common approaches to project management and procurement used on capex projects do not enable such an environment, and so, in order to establish a highly-collaborative project team, made up of the main contractors/suppliers and the client…
  2. We use a form of contract known as a Project Alliance.  This aligns the commercial interests of the key members of the project team.  The team is selected much earlier than is usually the case, uses competence and capability more than bid-price to make the selection.  Risks and uncertainty are managed by the team as a whole, and the supply members financial reward is linked to the overall success of the project – not just their component.
  3. This project team uses a method of planning and controlling project execution called CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management).

In the book, you will learn about each of these elements, how they work, and how they help the project to overcome the issues that most projects encounter. Whilst each element could be applied by itself, it is the combination that we believe delivers the guaranteed step-change improvement that Breakthrough Project Management can bring.

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The Executive Guide to Breakthrough Project Management is available from a number of sources, including

  • On Amazon’s US, UK & European sites
    • UK link
    • US link
    • Or search for “Breakthrough Project Management” in your local Amazon site
  • On Amazon Kindle – you can find it using the above links, or  search for “Breakthrough Project Management” on your Kindle device.
    • In some locations, members of Amazon’s KindleUnlimited can “borrow” the book to read as part of their subscription.  Obviously, we would prefer you to buy your own copy!!
  • Amazon’s CreateSpace – they are Amazon’s printers.  This purchase option only makes sense if you are in the US, since they only use the US printing facility for this online store, and add shipping to the price!
  • From us directly – this will be of particular interest if you buy in bulk for your team, or your clients.  We will be setting up a purchase page shortly – for now use the contact page and send us a message and we will get in touch.
  • Or you can order it from your local bricks-and-mortar book store.  The book’s ISBN number is 978-0-9954876-0-4

If you have any problems at all in getting hold of your copy, then please contact us.

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  1. Congratulations to you both Ian and Robert. A very pertinent point of view that proposes a solution to an important blind spot in Critical Chain Project Management (projects in which much of the work is subcontracted).

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      Thanks Philip. It has taken a while to turn what is a simple idea into a book that hopefully will encourage people in this field to try CCPM, and discover what many in other industries have discovered…that it works, and isnt just a clever trick with numbers! Ian

  2. HI Rob,

    Great to see something in print. I have ordered online today. Toll City on schedule and well under budget here in Singapore.

    1. Thanks Marc. I am sure this will add to your extensive project tool it and business improvement insights.

      Well done with Toll City. It will be a great asset for Toll and for Singapore.

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